My list Of 6 Best Amazon Product Research Tools For Affiliate Marketing 2021

My list Of 6 Best Amazon Product Research Tools For Affiliate Marketing 2021

My list Of 6 Best Amazon Product Research Tools For Affiliate Marketing 2021,Save time & money by choosing the right product research tool for your business. Here’s a detailed, comprehensive review of 6 such tools so you can make an informed decision.

In this article, I’m going to share my top six Amazon product research tools for affiliate marketing. It is important that you find the right tool so you can source products faster and easier than before.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right software for your Amazon FBA product sourcing. From finding best deals, tracking prices and sales data, comparing competitors products – there is an app or a tool available that will help you make those tough decisions easier on yourself! We have compiled our favorite tools in this list so you can explore each one before making your final decision!

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Is no doubt the most successful product research amazon tool out there.

The following are the five primary aspects of Jungle Scout:

Product Tracker Product Database Niche Hunter
Chrome Extension: Keyword Scout
The Chrome extension is offered as a stand-alone product with two pricing plans to choose from.

It allows you to get vital information about any product you’re interested in directly from, such as sales, revenue, ratings, profit calculation, weight and measurements, and FBA charge calculator.

Jungle Scout is a good product at a good price, and it’s one of Amazon’s most popular research tools. Basic, Suite, and Pro are the three options available, each costing $39, $69, and $129 a month.

All plans now include the Jungle Scout Chrome addon, which is a big advantage.

Key Features

Product Tracker: This feature lets you track specific items and know when new information on them becomes available, all from one convenient location! It even provides an overview page where all tracked items can be seen at once.

Niche Hunter: This is a tool that gives you the power to find profitable niches and increase your sales. It lets you research different categories, products, keywords – all with one simple click of a button!
Keyword Scout: Learn how to rank for top spots in Amazon’s keyword search engine using this powerful SEO software designed exclusively for retailers on their website.

Product Database: A comprehensive database of products that are updated constantly with the latest in data. There is a variety of filters available to help you find the perfect product for your needs as well so it’s easy!

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Helium 10

The Amazon seller tool suite is the perfect solution for those looking to grow their businesses and compete with other sellers on a global scale. It contains multiple keyword discovery, trend monitoring software that can also be used as an SEO ranking algorithm – giving you more opportunities than ever before!

Key Features

Ever feel like you’re checking your sales data and always end up with a notification on the App Store for Android or iPhone, telling how much inventory is left in stock? Well now there’s an app to help. The “Shit” Monitor will send alerts if someone takes over one of your listings while they should be waiting their turn at checkout – not just during busy times when buyers are more likely to shop! It can also give warning shots about any other problems going down so that managing online businesses becomes less stressful

A Reimbursement Manager to help you find broken or lost products, unfair client reimbursements… very useful if you have a large FBA inventory and are experiencing scaling sales.This is a must if you are managing advertising campaigns on Amazon. You can create and manager your campaigns or leave them in auto-pilot using Helium 10’s own bidding algorithms.

PPC If you are managing advertising campaigns on Amazon, this is a must. With Helium 10’s own bidding algorithms and the ability for users to create their own bids or have them auto-pilot using our software – there is no excuse not be successful at winning those all important sales!

Inventory Protector With this new feature, you can prevent out of stock on your products by setting a maximum quantity to buy. This will ensure that no matter how many clients want it there is always enough for everyone.

Helium10 offers a few valuing plans relying upon the instruments you need. Valuing goes from $97 to $397 each month.



Multiple Amazon seller features are included in this software to assist you in finding high-ranking keywords, identifying trends, spying on competitors, and optimising product listings. The Amazon optimisation toolkit is tailored to sellers who want to scale their Amazon FBA operations to new heights.

Key Features

Amazon Market research & Intelligence

Amazon Product Research Tool

Browse through a database of millions of products or run a keyword or category-based search and analyze the competitive landscape.

Amazon Best Sellers Research Tool

Unveil the top 100 selling products on Amazon in over 20,000 different and highly-detailed categories.

Amazon Sales Estimate Tool

Access estimated monthly sales figures of any product.LEARN MORELIVE DEMO

AMZ Chart

AmzChart is a fantastic and absolutely free application that assists Amazon sellers with product research and analysis. You will obtain exactly what you are looking for if you use this tool. It’s one of the greatest Amazon BSR and product research tools for Amazon sellers looking for high-potential items. To keep ahead of the competition, one can easily spy on them. AmzChart is being used by 2,000 retailers.

Key Features

It allows you to use Amazon BSR to look for hot-selling items.
It also aids in the discovery of specialty categories that will help you boost your Amazon BSR.
You can effortlessly spy on and track your competition using AmzChart.
It comes with a keyword scouting tool that helps you optimise your product listing.
Professional advice on how to rank your products on Amazon will be provided.


Merchants must know which products will sell and which tools to utilise in order to be successful on Amazon; this ASINspector we will offer you an overview of what can be done with this tool. It can be difficult to predict which items will be profitable as new ones are produced.

Merchants must know which products will sell and which tools to leverage in order to be successful on Amazon; one such as ASINspector.

We will offer you an overview of what can be done with this tool. It can be difficult to predict which items will be profitable as new ones are produced.

Key features


Keywords: ASINspector includes a number of keywords automatically to guarantee that the merchant discovers the products that are relevant to their search.

Product Pricing Comparisons: To understand the market worth of a product, the merchant may check the prices charged by other eCommerce websites.

Top-Seller Rankings: This function allows the merchant to locate the best-selling Amazon products. The merchant then selects the product version to sell. It’s also possible to choose a new product based on current best sellers with this option

Keyword Search:When a customer searches for a product on Amazon, the merchant can expand the number of products accessible in the niche. ASINspector then looks for random keywords, which are displayed in the corner as a light bulb icon.

ASINspector Pro is a programme that allows you to inspect things.
ASINspector comes with everything a merchant gets with a regular licence plus the following.

• Product keywords are offered

• Favorite searches can be readily remembered

• All sellers’ prices and current inventory can be determined

• Random keywords can be found

AMZ Scout

Amzscout is a Chrome extension that can be downloaded from the Chrome store using this link. The Amz Scout team provides a 14-day free trial of the pro version so you may install it and see how it works.

Every merchant should keep track on their competitors’ activities, sales, and inventories. Amzscout pro is the greatest solution for a professional seller to be able to check them on a daily basis. Another application for the extension is when you need to choose a new product to launch. The duration of the extension will be

FREE Amazon FBA Calculator - Seller Revenue, Fees & Profit

Key Features

Complete Toolset for Selling on Amazon

  • Find profitable low competition products
  • Source from local and international suppliers database
  • Discover popular and undiscovered product keywords
FREE Amazon FBA Calculator - Seller Revenue, Fees & Profit

AMZ Keyword Tracker

You may receive a complete picture of your competitor’s efficiency by using the AMZScout key phrase educator. You may find out what keywords your competition is using and keep track of the results from those specific keywords.


You may receive a complete picture of your competitor’s efficiency by using the AMZScout key phrase educator. You may find out what keywords your competition is using and keep track of the results from those specific keywords.

AMZScout Seller

  • AMZScout Seller’s Course Full and actionable knowledge on how to start selling profitable products on Amazon in less than 3 months.
  • 1,000+ Exclusive Amazon Products annual subscription only Receive 19 of the top 1% profitable products delivered to you weekly! Each one is selected by AI out of 600+ million products.
  • 12 Monthly Trend Reports annual subscription only Reports with Monthly Product Trends, Profitable Niches, Amazon News, Insights and Tips on Maximizing Profit
  • Product Database & Product Tracker Generate profitable product ideas, select the best product out of a profitable niche, check product performance with daily tracking.
  • Amazon Keyword Search & Reverse ASIN Lookup Gather best keywords for your listings to attract customers via search and PPC campaigns.

Using Product Research tools makes your job easier and also saves you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent performing manual research on certain things. Whatever device you use, your success will be certain only if you are dedicated enough to achieve it.


It is an across the board apparatus suite for each period of the Amazon venture. From item examination to business computerization, ZonGuru has every one of the instruments a vender needs to oversee and scale your business. ZonGuru is a tool worked by merchants for dealers, and they are enthusiastic about assisting our clients with making independence from the rat race.

Key Features

Customer Engagement

Product Research

listing Optimisation

Business dashboard

Chrome Extension

IP Monitor

• Keyword Tracker

Product Pulse

Researcher Challange – Find your First Winning Product!
The Ultimate ZonGuru Guide to Finding and Validating Your Amazon Product  Research

ZonGuru start to lead the pack with; their tremendous set-up of tools; they have outline of the multitude of expenses; the benefit; the income; the deals; the business esteem which is really cool since when you come in to offer the business.

it’s ideal to perceive the amount you’re worth; the stock stockpile; email Automator which is a bit better compared to the wilderness scales and I’ll clarify a bit later; the survey Automator which is really cool to assist you with getting more audits; the licensed innovation screen which behave like this isn’t required you needn’t bother with this present.

It’s now stunning this instrument however why not toss it in; and afterward just as that they have the individual request data which is truly cool since you can rapidly leap to singular orders the their page or it will take you to Amazon’s page you can see the request data,

It costs $49 per month, or $456 per year if paid in full. The Seller Plan is designed for a client who currently has a product and a brand but wants to increase sales.


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