Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has changed considerably in the last 12 months and will continue to improve. I have created a series of posts and tutorials that will walk you through the process of starting an affiliate business.

If you’ve been listening to us for long, you’ve learned that bloggers make money by building an audience that trusts them, and then offering products or services that will genuinely help that audience.


ClickFunnels was created so that entrepreneurs like you, who aren’t programmers and who don’t know how to code, can easily build beautiful pages inside of a sales funnel, to grow your company online!
Create beautiful pages and funnels that are pre-designed to walk your traffic through each step of the sales process, and convert them from “visitors” into actual paying customers who benefit from your products…
Also, you can add “1 click upsells”, and dramatically increase your revenue per customer

Dux Soup


DuxSoup is one of the most popular products to promote among seasoned Affiliate Marketers

Once registered to this unique program, start earning generous commission selling the most comprehensive LinkedIn Automation tool on the market!

Dabble is unique – there’s no other affiliate scheme available for a LinkedIn Automation tool like this! It is totally free to join, and you can set up an account


This is a perfect offer to mail to your subscribers in the Internet market space if you know they want to build their own list.

Although there are obviously higher commissions out there you can chase, this is my top paying affiliate program of choice.
I saved the best for last. The reason why I think this one is the best is because it’s time tested & customers love it; their brand is impeccable and if they ever have an outage they fix the issue within a few minutes (which can’t be expected with just any SaaS company, especially when that SaaS company sends as many hourly emails as Aweber).
Aweber is a trusted auto responder, they treat their customers well, and their product works great. The reputation of this company practically closes your affiliate sales for you – people already know, like and trust Aweber.
There’s no trick to it, all you have to do is send good traffic & they’ll pay you a nice 30% recurring commission on all monthly renewals.
Example payout: On a $19/mo sale, you’ll make $5.70 a month. After a year, You will get $68

Blue Host

Whether you have a blog, small business, or side hustle, Bluehost has all the tools and expert help you need to bring your website to life as a Once you rack up a rolodex of consistent hosting customers, you can be set for years to come. Bluehost stands out amongst other top high paying affiliate programs because the service they offer is ubiquitously demanded and their support is awesome.
When you bring them a paying customer, they pay you $65. They’ve been around for ages and with a team of 700+ employees they’re not going anywhere. Founded in Utah. They offer unlimited bandwidth with all their plans and they offer generous marketing bonuses.
Customers get a 30 day money back guarantee so that helps you make an easy sale. The only downside is the 45-day waiting period between when a sale occurs and when your payout happens (they deposit your earnings straight to your PayPal, unless you’re pushing over $10k a month in sales, in which case they’ll offer you wire transfer as an option).
Despite this, the reason why this program is amazing is because over time, as you bring them more and more customers, they’ll increase your payout to $75, $90, even $120 per sale – depending on how long you sell for them.

Regal Assets

Regal Assets Banner

Regal Assets work with the custodian to transfer funds from any of the customers existing accounts into your newly formed Regal IRA™ Account.
:But consider the fact that the average purchase price is $20k to $80k, and suddenly you realize, this is arguably the highest paying affiliate program there is.
Regal Assets sells precious metals investments to those who want to diversify their investment portfolio. To generate leads, they offer this “hidden gem” of an affiliate opportunity. Once you become a “super affiliate,” which is a status that they give you after you earn a certain amount of money…
Within 24 hours our Regal IRA™ team will get in touch with you to help guide you through the process of moving your funds and to ask for any additional information if needed. They will also pay you $100 per lead you bring in! And their content converts extremely well, when presented to the right prospect at the right time.
Example payout: If an investor puts $50k into precious metals, you will earn $1,500



SEM RUSH is an analytics organisation for advertisers. They drive business knowledge and cost reserve funds for organizations that are put resources into compensation per click and site improvement strategies.

From substance examination and backlink checking, to programmed online networking postings and show promoting research arrangements, SEMRush resembles an advanced advertiser’s wet dream.

This is one of a couple of lucrative partner programs that offer substance in 5 distinct dialects so you can handle advertises that you may not be acquainted with, and in case you’re into paid traffic, this might be excellent for you. What’s more, the best part is that their treat length is an absurd 10 years.

Model payout: 40% at little to no cost $99.95/mo plan will get you only south of 40 bucks, and that is repeating. What’s more, the costly arrangement is $399.95/mo, so that


Merchants Sign Up ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that connects affiliates and mercfor the network to offer their products or services. Currently, there are over 3,900 affiliate programs from popular brands like Wayfair, Reebok, FreshBooks, Segway, and Shutterfly.

Affiliates can promote products from other merchants on their websites or other marketing channels.

Can you make money as a ShareASale affiliate?

High Ticket High Jack

.HIGH TICKET HIJACK is another product and framework is turning out that comprehends subsidiary promoting always, regardless of whether you’re pristine.

=> No rundown required
=> No paid traffic required
=> No low ticket commission BS either – this framework sets you up with robotized $497 commissions PER deal

Absolutely, and you won’t be the only one.

Affiliate marketing spending is expected to exceed $8 billion by 2022.


Fiverr is the largest marketplace for digital services. Fiverr is changing how the world works together. Founded in 2010, with offices in Tel Aviv, New York City, San Francisco, Miami, London, and Berlin, Fiverr is the leading marketplace for digital services. Tel Aviv, Fiverr is the world’s most transacted marketplace for digital services. Get instant access to a global network of quality freelancers and find everything you need to start or grow your business. As the world’s most affordable and easiest to use digital marketplace, Fiverr enables freelancers and entrepreneurs to start doing, growing and succeeding. Geography, time, and budget are no longer barriers. Fiverr® is shaping the future of work, every day, by shifting the freelance economy online.

The  Fiverr Affiliate Program allows affiliates: Social Media Influencer, Bloggers, Information sites, Coupon sites, Price Comparison & Review sites to earn a commission by referring users to
Affiliates can earn a commission for every purchase routed from their platform to through the affiliate links.


They began using Pinterest in early 2011 as a solution for there own marketing purposes while building The very first version of Tailwind (then named PinLeague) asked a simple question: how can we identify brides-to-be using Pinterest to plan their weddings? As we dug in deeper, we began to see rapid success on Pinterest. Pretty soon, our friends started asking if we could generate similar insights for them.

A huge opportunity was emerging and we decided to pivot, focusing on opening the best Pinterest marketing and analytics platform to everyone.

Since then, our users have led us in new and exciting directions, and have helped us to understand that:
1. ROI from Pinterest isn’t just about what happens on Pinterest.
2. The greatest rewards come from leveraging insights across marketing channels, and even across entire organizations.

Today, over 500,000 of the world’s leading brands and 400 of the top agencies trust Tailwind, and we’re excited to see how social intelligence can transform your business.

Thus, we’ve grown with our users’ needs and are thinking bigger each and every day.

About the Tailwind affiliate program

As you know, affiliate marketing is simply recommend on their behalf. When a customer clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase, the affiliate may earn a commission.

In this section, I will reveal every detail of this affiliate program.

How does the affiliate program work?

Once affiliates are approved to join the affiliate program, they can earn a recurring commission by promoting the benefits of Tailwind. Also, affiliates may earn a commission when they create sponsored content.

Tailwind has three levels to its affiliate program. As affiliates continue to generate more leads and sales, they can move to the next levels.

from any of your website audience or blog readers use Pinterest or Instagram, then Tailwind’s platform is an excellent fit for you to promote. The target audience is enormous, given the popularity of both networks.

Refer a paying subscriber to Tailwind and earn money for your efforts.

By the way, the Affiliate Program is available globally, not just to Australians, and financial numbers are in US Dollars.

How Much Do Tailwind Pay For A Referral?

Tailwind will pay you a commission of 15% on revenue generated from your referrals. The commissions recur monthly while your subscriber remains on the platform.

Tailwind price plans range from $9.99 to $799 per month, so the potential is formidable across a large cross-section.

The Tailwind

Tailwind is part of the ShareASale affiliate network, so all tracking links, reporting and commission payments are managed through the ShareASale dashboard.

When you sign up for the Tailwind Affiliate Program (via ShareASale), you are given a unique tracking link. The link contains a unique Affiliate ID, so the merchant knows you sent traffic arriving on their website.

You use the tracking link on your website or social media to direct visitors to the merchant’s website.

The merchant (Tailwind) stores your affiliate ID in a tiny text file (known as a cookie) in the visitor’s web browser. Cookies are used to track website visitors.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout was founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer as the solution to finding great products to sell on Amazon. Today, Jungle Scout provides a full suite of Amazon seller tools, helping sellers with everything from finding a product, sourcing a supplier, launching and optimizing a product listing, to managing business analytics, inventory and more. Our company has 120+ employees across the globe, with offices in Austin Texas, Vancouver Canada, and Shenzhen China.

CEO & Founder Greg Mercer

  • 8 Figure Amazon Seller
  • Winner of The Seller Awards for Best Amazon Expert
  • Featured speaker at industry leading conferences including SellerCon, Prosper Show, Brand Accelerator & more
  • Guest of dozens of ecommerce podcasts such as  $100 MBA, Smart Passive Income, Foundr & more
  • Featured in Forbes, Huffpost, Inc., Entrepreneur & others

The Amazon Opportunity

I don’t have to tell you guys about how to talk about this! Amazon is dominating ecommerce & the best time to start an online business is now. Jungle Scout is here to give entrepreneurs the tools & resources they need to launch and grow successful Amazon businesses.

You can earn great affiliate income for referring people to Jungle Scout 15% of the first sale of all annual plans 50% of the first sale of all annual plans 15% of the first sale of all annual bundles 50% of the first sale of all annual bundles 100% of the first month of all monthly plans


 Moosend is one of the best ecommerce marketing automation tools on the market. It allows you Moosend to drive sales on autopilot, improve your targeting, and stay consistent with your brand messaging across multiple channels. It’s suitable for online stores of all sizes and serves a wide array of industries.Moosend on your side, you’ll stay relevant by sending personalized messages to the right person, at the right time, on the right channel. That’s why we highly recommended for all your ecommerce marketing needs.

Moosend is a multi-channel marketing automation platform that includes:

  • Pre-built Workflows
  • Automation Editor
  • Email Marketing
  • Email Templates
  • Email Builder
  • SMS
  • Web Push Notifications
  • Popups & Forms
  • Audience Sync for Ads
  • Reports & Benchmarks
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Segmentation
  • Customer Lifecycle Stages
  • Retention Analytics
  • Product Analytics
  • Funnels

Why Moosend is the Best Affiliate Email Marketing Platform? 

Enhance your revenue by focusing on your email marketing niche and finding the top affiliate email marketing programs. Some of the top choices include:

One excellent platform to consider is the ecommerce marketing automation platform  If you want to drive better revenue and generate organic traffic, while providing a top-notch solution to your audience, this is the way to go.  

Moosends affiliate email marketing platform allows affiliate marketers to get up to $1,200 per net new-referral.

The program also offers:

  • up to 300% one-time commissions for the referred new businesses that join moosend on a paid plan
  • a dedicated account manager that will provide materials and priority support
  • ready-made packs of banners, ads, and other types of content that you can share in your campaigns as soon as you start

Even better, affiliate marketers can also benefit from Moosend new partner program that comes with such perks as new revenue share opportunities, including bounties, percentages, and potential one-time bonuses and access to value-add services.


Omnisend is a must among these email service providers for users who are running online stores only. It quickly pulls products from your store and generates beautiful and fun emails and opt-in forms to grow your email list.

How many emails/subscribers do you get for free?

The free plan offers you 15,000 emails per month and 2,000 emails per day. It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have.

Upgrading depends on whether you need more emails per month or more advanced features. The first option is $16 per month for 500 subscribers and 15,000 emails. The email count and pricing goes up with more subscribers.

What makes this one of the best free email marketing software?

  • The free plan is a steal and the upgrades are rather flexible.
  • The eCommerce integrations instantly pull products you want to sell into the email.
  • It has creative signup forms like popups, landing pages, and a wheel-of-fortune game.
  • Send out discount codes or scratch cards.
  • Create automation reports and A/B test campaigns.
  • Retain mobile audience using mobile-friendly email templates.
  • Send out automated emails for abandoned carts and order confirmations.
  • Also offers enterprise solutions for bigger companies.

Who should use it?

Omnisend is a great free option for eCommerce stores. You can still use it if you’re not running a store, but you’ll miss out on a lot of the unique functionality.

please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

How to create a landing page for CLICKFUNNELS in 2021?

To get started, let us give a bit of overview of what CLICKFUNNELS are ad how these funnels work for your business. CLICKFUNNELS are a great way to increase lead sales. These appear on the webpage you want and thus these attract your audience towards making sales. These have beautiful designs and tempting headings that convince the audience effectively. In short, these effective funnels convert your readers into customers. It is a great way to boost your business and you can engage with your customers. Below is the step by step guide on how you can easily create a landing page using CLICKFUNNELS:

Step 1: Sign Up on the CLICKFUNNELS website

When you click on the above Sign Up text, you will reach the website of CLICKFUNNELS. This will lead to you the sign up form where you will need to enter further details. You will need to follow the following steps to successfully create a new account.

  • In the first step, enter your full name, email address and the password that you want to use for logging into your account. This will lead you to the second step.
  • In the second step, you will need to select a plan. You should choose the desired plan considering the scope of your business. If you are running a small business then you can continue with the basic plan. Otherwise, Platinum offer is the popular one and gives you more control over the created funnels. This gives you a fair chance to increase your sales by a great extent. There is a free 14-day trial option available on both the plans after which you will need to pay $97/month for the basic plan and $297/month for the Platinum plan.
  • After selecting the right plan according to your business, you will be referred to the third step. Enter the billing and credit card information on this screen and then skip other unnecessary information. Now, you are done with the registration process and you are ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Creating a New Funnel

After successfully creating your account, you will need to confirm your email address. Login with this confirmed email address. Click on the Build Funnel option as shown in the image below:

This will lead you to a new page where you have got two options. The first option is the “Cookbook builder process” and the other one is “Classic Funnel Builder”. Select the Click New Funnel button as shown in the image below.

On the next page, you will need to choose the “Collect Email” option.

  • On the next page, give a name to the funnel and also give it a tag and click on the Build Funnel button.

Step 3: Choosing a template for your funnel

In the next section, there are majorly two options that you have to work one. The Optin is the page which the user will see when they visit your funnel.

  • When you click on the Optin, you will need to choose a template for your funnel. Choosing the right template will have a positive impact and will drive more lead sales. You should consider the nature of your business in order to select the right template. You can also preview the various templates at this page. After analyzing different templates, choose the one that suits your preferences.
  • After selecting a suitable template, move on to the Thank You section. Like the Optin templates there are various Thank You templates that you can choose from. Select one from the list of the available Thank You templates.

Step 4: Edit the templates to suit your needsAfter selecting the two templates one for the Optin and the other for Thank You, you will see the option to edit the templates. After clicking on edit page, you will see a screen where you can edit the individual components of the design

There are various features on this page that you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your funnels. These are as below:

  • In the Integrations menu, you can sync the auto-responders with the created landing page. Although Clickfunnels have their built-in auto-responders but it also allows you to add other third-party mail services.
  • In the SEO Meta Data menu, you will need to write the title and description of your funnel. This is the information that gets displayed on the search engines when the URL of your funnel gets displayed in the search engines. Using the right keywords and writing a fine description will increase your visibility in the search engines. The knowledge of SEO can help a lot in this process.
  • In the Custom CSS menu, you can add your own CSS code to customize your funnel. In this way, you can add code to beautify your funnel to a further extent.
  • In the Background menu, you can select the background image of your choice. You can either give the URL of the image or you can upload one from your pc.
  • Typography plays the major role in making an effective design. In the Typography menu, you can choose different fonts to make your design more effective and to capture the attention of your audience. Don’t forget to save the design of your funnel after every edit.

In this way, you can easily create funnels for your business. Funnels have been proven very effective to boost your sales. Thus, you can easily increase your revenue by using these funnels at the right place. After making a funnel, always test the funnel yourself or ask someone to test it so you can find out whether it is effective or not. This will help you to make changes so you can target your customers in the best possible way.

please be aware that this blog post contains affiliate links and any purchases made through such links will result in a small commission for me (at no extra cost for you).

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