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What are some ways to get more readers for your blog?

What are some ways to get more readers for your blog?

What are some ways to get more readers for your blog?A blog is a great way of attracting visitors, but it can be hard to get the views on your website. Here are some things that will help increase traffic and more readers.

Guest Posting

Write on other blogs and share the post back with one of those sites. This will increase traffic which means that you can grow a following there, too!

What are some ways to get more readers for your blog?

Share Social Media Post

Share social media posts from others in order to gain followers – this might include links or quotes about topics related to your niche. What’s important is that each account has its own theme so people know what they’re getting into when they follow it. Avoid spamming by only sharing once every few days rather than constantly throughout the day–that way, no matter how many accounts you have ,you’ll be able cto give them all enough attention while still having time for yourself

Content Ideas


Find out what type of content does will in your niche and start producing articles like this; remember consistency with posting. Social Media such as YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook should also have similar types of posts if done regularly so people know where they need to go depending on their interests.Get active by commenting back when someone leaves feedback about one of your posts – even if it’s just “thanks!” Responding helps others see how much you care about them reading! Encourage friends who share links from their social media to you.

Gather Their Email

I’m putting this tip at the actual most important spot on the list, as it’s the absolute most significant system you ought to utilize. Indeed, this is the system we use to keep our blog readers returning for additional content.

Bounce Rate

The Bounce Rate is a great way to see how users interact with your blog and whether they move on to other pages, or bounce right out. Simply hover over the bar in the top-right corner of your dashboard, and you’ll be able to view how many users have bounced from your site. Or if you want more detailed information, go to your analytics reports, then hit “Overview”, “Traffic Sources”, and select “Bounce Rate”. Easy as pie.

Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e., visits in which a single page was requested). Bounce rates should be below 10% for non-ecommerce websites and below 20% for eCommerce websites. Establishing a baseline bounce rate for your site’s pages is an essential part of making sure your users are getting the experience you want them to get.


Google Analytics Goals are versatile and flexible, allowing you to setup conversion tracking for any of your marketing campaigns – even if it is a traditional marketing campaign that does not involve advertising. This feature allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your content or marketing campaign by tracking visits that result form a particular content or series of content on your blog.


Forums is a free service where webmasters and website developers can ask questions, provide answers, share marketing ideas, and more. If you are running a website, and need advice, this is the place to go to have your questions answered and improve your site.

Tracking Time Spent On Your Blog

Keeping track of the time a person spends on your web page is an easy way to figure out how well your content and blog are performing and more ways to improve them. With this free Google Analytics cheat sheet, you can easily find our users’ average time on page and try different ways to increase it.

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